1. Action Design.

    a. Design action with the safety of the cast, crew,
        stunt team, and location as the number one priority. 

    b. Design action that is very safe but looks
        dangerous. Risk assessment is completed with every bit of action we

​        do; from a simple fight to a complicated high-speed winch stunt. 

    c. Design redundancy into every stunt. 

    d. You can’t always take the stunt out of stunts, but utilizing our state of

        the art technology we can achieve the look of action with limited

        inherent risk.  This increases safety to performers, improves efficiency

        and ultimately saves time and money.

    e. Stunt Connection will not allow for unnecessary
        risk when designing a stunt. Injuries are expensive and can cost the  

          production time, but more importantly we want everyone to go home


     f. Stunt Connection uses science and ergonomics
          when designing action.

2. The right person for the job.

     a. Stunt Connection will only cast the right person
         for the job. The right person must have the right look, and skill set

         to safely achieve the Director’s vision within a timely manor.

         Mistakes cost the production time and money,

         and put the cast at risk. 

     b. Stunt connection will only employ the right
         person for the job. You are hired based on skill and look,

         and not because of friendship. 

     c. Rigging of a stunt can sometimes be the most complicated and

        dangerous part of capturing action.  It is imperative to have someone

        qualified to safely design and build your rigging needs.  Our Stunt

        Riggers have an extensive education in rigging, and the experience to

        safely assess, calculate and execute the most complicated action


 3. Equipment.

      a. Stunt Connection utilizes state of the art
          equipment to achieve the Directors’ vision. 

      b. For example: 

                i. Our airbags are custom patented technology that not only

                   adds safety to trained stunt professionals, but allows the

                   flexibility to safely intergrade actors into the action. This

                   technology will allow you to capture more of your actor giving

                   a better overall look to your final product.

               ii. We have special effects in-line controllers to improve the

                   timing of an explosion, and help protect the performer from

                   injury. The controller safeguards against premature

                   explosion, and has a built in safety stop that inhibits the

                   effects if the performer aborts the stunt.   

               iii. Our air rams are custom built low-pressure progressive air

                    rams with built in redundancies along with a SFX controller


               iv. Our ratchets are custom built low-pressure systems with built

                    in safety redundancies along with a SFX controller

                    connection. The ratchets are repeatable and programmable

                    for consistency and reliability. 

                v. Our winches are 0-fleet winches with several redundancies

                    built in for added safety.

               vi. Our crash pads and pits are made with top of the line foam

                         for better energy absorption. 

4. Planning.

      a. Our years of experience have led to planning
          techniques designed to make our day more safe and efficient, which

          saves the production time and money.

      b. We have the capability of shooting a pre-visual
          of the action. This ensures the action designed and delivered is the

          action the director wants. This will save time and money. 

      c. We have a facility to test the action. This will
          reduce the location costs of on-location prep days. This includes

          testing of complicated stunt driving sequences. 

This is achieved in four steps:

     Stunt Connection is owned and operated by Chick Bernhard who
is a veteran Stuntman/Stunt coordinator/Second Unit Director with 40 years of experience. Partnering with Eric “ET” Miranda whom is a veteran Stuntman with 17 years of experience and the Stunt Coordinator for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. And Rosie Bernhard Veteran Stunt Women. Stunt Connection can bring any vision to life for live entertainmentor film and TV.

     Stunt Connection is committed to delivering safe action that tells the story within budget. We have the resources and experience to bring any vision to life no matter how elaborate it might be. 

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