Our custom built Progressive Low Pressure Air Ram is designed to be tide into SFX through the specially designed SFX controller for perfect timing and added safety that will not allow the bomb to go off unless the SFX controller knows that everything in the Air Ram is firing correctly. 

The Air Ram can be any color necessary for the shot. This  Specially designed air ram can be used for explosions, fights, or to exaggerate strength and ability of a performer. It can be used to fly forward, backwards, sideways, or straight up. 

An added safety feature is the trigger. It requires point 5lbs or flat 35lbs of pressure to fire the system. This adds an extra level of safety if derbrie hits the deck or someone accedently touches it when it's ready to fire. Performers have been hurt in the past on other air rams because  they touched the deck with a hand in the fireing position.  

There are many other safety features that are included in this Air Ram like prevention of over pressurization wile the performer waits for there action call. 

We can previsualize the action needed using the Air Ram before the filming day so the director gets exactly what he wants.  

Kevin Morgan        260 psi
Nick Stanner    240psi

Low Presure

progressive Air Ram